“Global Archivalities” event available online

The transcript of the May 7th workshop, “Global Archivalities: A Conceptual Workshop,” is now available on line. It includes the video, audio, and chat from the entire workshop. You can also access it from the Events page on the website http://globalarchivalities.org.

“Global Archivalities” was organized by Professor Randolph Head and supported by the “Material Cultures of Knowledge” MRG. The next Global Archivalities event is planned for September in Munich, in connection with the major conference of the Arbeitsgruppe Frühe Neuzeit.

May 7 Participating Faculty:
Konrad Hirschler, SOAS London
Diego Navarro Bonilla, Universidad Carlos III Madrid
Bryan Lowe, Vanderbilt
Christian Speer, Universität Wittenberg
John-Paul Ghobrial, Balliol College Oxford
Natalie Rothman, University of Toronto
Markus Friedrich, Universität Frankfurt A.M, Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte Berlin
Eric Ketelaar, Universiteit Amsterdam, Emeritus; Director Emeritus, National Archives of the Netherlands
Jacob Soll, USC
Hilde de Weerdt, University College, London
Arndt Brendecke, Universität München
Filippo de Vivo, Birkbeck College, London
Graduate Students:
Ron Makloff, Berkeley
Patrick O’Neill, UCR
Benjamin Esswein, UCR
Colin Whiting, UCR
Steven Anderson, UCR
Heather Van Mouwerik, UCR
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