Global Archivalities: A Conceptual Workshop

Sponsored by the University of California Multicampus Research Group on The Material Cultures of Knowledge  and UCHRI

May 7, 2013, 9-11 AM, PDT

Archives play a fundamental role in historical research, yet archivality as a human cultural product subject to enormous variation has received little comparative attention. By forming a collaborative network of humanistic scholars interested in investigating the formation, use, and representation of archives around the globe in the pre-modern period, we seek to promote shared understandings of the decisive theoretical and empirical issues that the comparative study of pre-modern archivality must address. A second goal is to highlight the many research opportunities that the comparative study of archivality can offer, and to help create a supportive network of junior as well as senior humanists that can promote such research.

Convenors: Randolph Head (UC Riverside), Arndt Brendecke (Munich), Hilde de Weerdt (King’s College London).

Participants will include, among others: Filippo de Vivo (Birkbeck College London), Konrad Hirschler (SOAS, London), Diego Navarro Bonilla (Madrid) and Jacob Soll (USC).

Location: The workshop will be available over the internet via Adobe Connect.

Event website: Global Archivalities Research Network