Things: Papers

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Maxine Berg: “The Economy of Quality: Local Knowledge and Global Markets. Indian Crafts and the World Economy”

Melissa Calaresu: “Fish, snow and enlightenment: Material culture and reform in late eighteenth-century Naples, or, Towards a new cultural history of the Neapolitan enlightenment?”
Response by Katy Barrett

Adriana Craciun: “The Seeds of Disaster: Relics of La Pérouse”

Ian Duncan: “The Form of the Novel and the Form of Man”
Response by Sarah Tindal Kareem

Richard Dunn: “The Known Skill of the Artist”
Response by Molly Dorkin

Jonathan Eacott: “India and the Anglo-Atlantic: Trade, Power, and the Development of an Imperial Aesthetic”

Elizabeth Eger: “Quills and other feathers: Elizabeth Montagu and the matter of life writing”
Response by Sean Epstein-Corbin

Patricia Fumerton: Digitizing Ephemera and Its Discontents: EBBA’s Quest to Capture the Protean Broadside Ballad
Response by Leanna McLaughlin

Randolph C. Head: “Archives, documents, and proof: Diplomatics, the ius archivi and state practice in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries”
Response by Steve Anderson

Jonathan Lamb: “Following the Thing Itself”
Response by Elizabeth Eger

Maia Nuku: “Unwrapping gods: illuminating encounters with gods, comets and missionaries”
Response by Jonathan Eacott

Dana Simmons: “Soil”
Response by Sophie Waring

Mary Terrall: “Where the Mundane Meets the Exotic: Réaumur’s Natural History Collection”
Response by Susannah Brooke

Alexander Wragge-Morley: “The Making and Reception of William Cheselden’s Osteographia (1733)”
Response by Rebecca Addicks